Horticultural Speakers in Derbyshire

Jack Gott Horticultural Speaker Cumbria

Peter Ashford

Talk Topics:

  • 10 things that could be useful landscaping your own space (if you are undertaking the work)
  • 10 things that you should be aware of landscaping your own space (if you are contracting out the work
  • Mans impact on the landscape - a journey through time

Fees: Negotiable, subject to the number of people attending, from £50 to £100+ (all Fees would be plus transport at 35p per mile)


01246 241270 / 07748 824355

Jo Dyer Horticultural Speaker Derbyshire

Jo Dyer / 28 Windmill Rise, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 1GQ

Talk Topics:

  • The Healing and Transformational Power of Gardens
  • Cooking with Edible Flowers
  • Creative Uses for the Stuff you Grow
  • Gardening for Wildlife
  • The self-sustaining Garden
  • Organic Gardening

Fees £60



Facebook: @reallyusefulgardens

Facebook Group: The Nourishing Garden Club

Twitter: @joreallyuseful

Instagram: @really-useful-gardens

LinkedIn: Jo Dyer

Andrew Mikolajski Horticultural Speaker

Justin Harrison / Leesehill nurseries, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14 8SA

Talk Topics:

  • Spring awakening
  • Summer bursts
  • Autumn splendour
  • Winter beauty

I have a large range of English grown hardy plants of which I bring along as according to which season and talk about there care and show how to compliment and arrange of which I sell them off at the end of the talk


Fees: £50 +travel


Sally Smith Horticultural Speaker Derbyshire

Sally Smith/ 3, Hartle Green, Uppertown Lane, Birchover, DE4 2BJ

Talk Topics:

  • There are no Gardening-Pests (Gardening with Wildlife!)
  • Vegetable Inspirations -creative and productive ways to grow organic vegetables
  • Muck and Magic - all about making compost and using it to benefit your garden and many more

Fees: £80 plus travel




Doug Stewart Horticultural Speaker

Doug Stewart / 'Gingko' 7, Cottage Mews, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU17 9HD


Talk Topics:

  • 10 ways to a better Garden
  • Real WOW Plants
  • The greates Show on Earth (Chelsea)
  • see more of over 20 Gardening themed talks at the website

Fees: depending on the number of people present, fee starts at £65 + VAT + travel expenses @35p per mile


talks@dougstewart.co.uk / doug@waringstewartassociates.co.uk


Gail and John Summerfield Horticultural Speakers Derbyshire

Gail and John Summerfield / Westshores Nurseries, 82 West Street, Winterton, Scunthorpe, DN15 9QF

Talk Topics: 20 years experience of giving talks. 18 topics to date, more in preparation. For details please see website

Fees: £50+ Travelling expenses are being held at 35p per mile. We are willing to travel up to 100 miles or 3 hours from home, whichever is the shorter.






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